What can I expect from my session?

Each session lasts for around 15 minutes, thats about the maximum attention span the little ones have. Parents can stay close by or hang out in the background, but if your little one is a runner and very active you might have to be more hands on. Babies need to be able to sit upright by themselves or in a Bumbo seat (provided) and there is no upper maximum age. Every age is special and interesting to photograph. These portraits are all about your child and their personality and the more you as parent can hang out in the back the better, to let them shine and do their own thing. Please bring kids well rested and fed and maybe bring a snack to keep the energy up. Some kids I have photographed are snacking during the session and the photos still turn out beautifully. The more you can help to keep the mood light and fun and stress free the better the session will be. :)

What should my child wear?

I recommend neutral shirt or t-shirt in either white, grey or black (light pink or blue can work too as they turn out grey). Babies can be bare or in a neutral onesie depending on your preference. Check out the home page for inspiration and different looks. No logos or prints, buttons or collars and no hats, headbands or bows, unless you really want that. Less is better so they can shine on their own.

What happens after the session?

Up to a week after your session you will receive an email with a link to your personal online gallery where you can choose and download your 5 high res photos as well as 5 sized for social media sharing. You will also be able to choose one 11x14 print with option to buy more if you would like.

What if my child gets sick or I need to cancel?

Life happens and sometimes kids get sick. Cancellations made within 14 days of the session no refunds however you may apply credit to a future session. Cancellations before the 14 day period, a full refund is given. I offer 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied because I want you to have a 100% positive experience.