Mary C

I have never been a girl who wanted to be in beauty pageants or doing modeling. I would have been the girl passing out on stage from being stage freight and I have always disliked being in front of the camera. My place is behind the camera and that is where I LOVE to be. However, lately I have had the pleasure of shooting headshots for women who compete in pageants across America and I am really enjoying it! I guess I was a little judgmental about pageants before I learned more about them. I thought they were all about looks and who was the prettiest girl but I have come to learn that it is more to it than that. I learned that they raise money for a good cause, examples like education or helping the less fortunate, and being good role models for younger girls.  Anyway, I had a really good time hanging with Mary Catherine, the beautiful girl you see in the photos below, and the photos look really stunning! I wish her all the luck in her upcoming pageants!

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