This blog post is called Saturday because I cant think of anything else right now.. It is Saturday. I have had a really great, exhausting, inspiring, tiring, fun and relaxing day today.

I was sitting at a coffee shop talking to my new Swedish friend (yay!) and having a really great time, behind us sat Colbie Caillat randomly and she looked really beautiful. I recently did a short video of me and my husband golfing using her song in the background and I thought that was sort of funny. She is a great singer and a very beautiful woman. I think she is an inspiration to young women and a role model because she is herself and seems to be confident in who she is as a woman and a singer/songwriter. I really like that.

(photo borrowed from

I love this city, there is so many talented and creative people here and that makes me feel right at home. For the most of the time, when im not homesick ;). Anyways, good day today! A day like today makes me very thankful to God who has provided great people in my life and giving me everything I truly need when I need it, even if I dont yet know if myself.

Hope you all had a good Saturday as well!



Photo from the Chaseash photoshoot last weekend. More to come shortly!