One of my favorite models to shoot of all time is my husband. (Wonder why, eh? ;) ) I chose to call this blog post "close" because there is something intimate and vulnerable about these photos. I get a feeling of closeness when I look at these photos, not just because Seth is my husband, but because the emotions in these photos are hard to put my finger on and I want to get close enough to find them out. That is the reason why I love creating portraits, the connection between the person in front of my camera and what I see thru my lens is really cool and if I can make the person comfortable enough to open up to me - that's when the magic happens... When I am shooting I am trying to feel what the person in front of me is feeling or what I want the mood in the photos to be like. If I am successful at it, the difference will show in my photos. 

This upcoming weekend will be a very good one and I am getting excited! Why? Because on Saturday I am assisting with my mentor Michael Gomez as he is shooting for a modelling agency called The Avenue and on Sunday I am shooting the band Me In Motion. Fun weekend ahead!


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