I heard something scary the other day, in America, there are enough water bottles consumed every year to stretch around the world 112 times!!! Isn't that crazy?? That is a lot! I wish the government would do something about the water here to clean it and make it taste better. People wouldn't "have to" buy bottled water if the tap water was good to drink.

At home, we filter our water and I fill up my own water bottle instead of buying new ones all the time. That saves us money and spares the environment we live in.

Being so close to the beautiful ocean here makes me think about the nature and that we need to take care of it better. We recycle everything that can be recycled and try to be "kind" to the nature. There is a lot more to be done but that is a good start!

Just thought I would share this fact with you all.. not to be depressing, but to be encouraging! Filter instead of buying bottled.