like a fish

I feel like a fish that hasn't been in water for a long time! (not dead, just thirsty..) I love the ocean!

Seth makes fun of me (in a cute way) for being such an ocean-lover and calls me a fish because I am the most happy when I am close to water, doesn't necessary have to be the ocean. All water is fine, creeks, ponds, lakes.. You get it.

There is just something so relaxing and peaceful with the sound of the waves and the deep blue or bright turquoise water that makes me feel free. It is serenity. I am always amazed by God when I am by the ocean. What an incredible artist He is that created this view, all the colors and the movement, smell and sounds.. That's why I love the ocean, because I feel the closest to God's creation and my thoughts are not distracted by other things, I can focus and let go. I realize how tiny I am in all this greatness and yet I am so loved for who I am, just as I am. That is a great feeling..

After a nice long walk to the beach and a few deep breath's, we went back to our residence and enjoyed a good breakfast. Great start of a new day.