Bed bound

I really don't like being sick. In fact, I cant stand being sick more than one and a half day before I go crazy. I have been laying in bed the whole day, orders from my husband, with fever and ache and sore throat. I am praying that I will be up and running tomorrow morning because I got a phonecall about assisting at a photoshoot tomorrow and I really want to be well enough to do it!

Even though I dont like it, it is good for me sometimes to stay in bed and slow life down a bit. It gives me time to catch up on sleep, come up with new ideas, watch my favorite shows and clear my head a bit. So, I guess I kind of needed this..Except, I could have done it without the fever and aching.


Anyways.. My husband is producing a sideproject with Manafest, and his very talented wife Melanie has been sharing my "workspace" (diningroom table) for a few days. She is a great designer, model and a fellow photographer and we have been exchanging ideas and tips. Its been great having company!

Yesterday afternoon we went down to the studio and did a few shots together and I have been playing with some of the photos today. She has a really beautiful face and very nice skin and I came up with the idea of creating an ad, just for fun and to entertain myself a little. ;)

Here is the result. (product photo and text from