the food revolution

Hey guys!

I know there has been a few of food entries here lately but that's because I am very passionate about eating healthy and getting peoples attention to changing their way of eating and getting healthy. There is a big "revolution" going on right now in Sweden, where I am from, and that is the discussion about eating low carb and high fat. In Sweden, there is a term for this, LCHF which naturally stands for Low Carb High Fat.

I just wanted you guys to have this information as I know so many people in Sweden that has been helped and been able to loose weight and get off their diabetes medicine by eating this way. 

My husband recently decided to give it a try after I have been telling him about this for a few years now. I myself have been eating LCHF for 3 years and have never been healthier. My husband has been eating lchf for 1,5 months and has lost 20 pounds already. He was far from being over weight but wanted to feel healthy. This is not a diet, its a lifestyle which takes some effort getting used to in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, you'll see results quickly. Eating LCHF regulates your body back to its natural weight, the weight your body is the most comfortable with. So, if you are overweight that means you will loose weight.

If you want to know more about this, check out this video (i know its long but worth it) and visit this website.

Thanks for checking in! :)