Checking in from Zurich.. I love this town. It's really beautiful with the old architecture and the water that goes thru the city. There is however a really depressing and sad backside of Zurich, the red light district where the prostitution is present during the night. We are staying in this part of town, which is really cool during the day, but turns into a completely different place during the night. Walking home from dinner tonight we saw women on every corner looking for customers, and men looking to fill an empty void.
I feel for these women and it breaks my heart to see all these women of different ages step into an unknown car, not knowing what's gonna happen to them. It's so easy to "forget" what's going on in the rest of the world at home in our comfort zones. This is definitely a wake up call.
I will pray for these women tonight as I go to bed, that God will keep them safe and show them another option and way of life.