survived the show

I survived the Pumpkin Show! ;)

Tons of good food, music, people and entertainment, equals: the Pumpkin Show. Its been good and intense and I couldn't have done another day. I have eaten unhealthy food, watched parades (even a pet parade!), watched people acting very strange (hog-calling competition..??) and spent quality time with my husband and in laws. 

Last night ended with an explosive Me In Motion show! The guys did a great job and the crowd was huge. There were so many people from Seth's church and family/friends that came out to support the guys with special made MIM t-shirts and signs. Thanks all of you who came! :)

Just a small selection of what we ate: pumpkin logroll, bourbon chicken, stromboli and my favorite; pumpkin pizza


To see more photos from the MIM show, go to Me In Motion