Pumpkin show

Wow.. I'm in Circleville, Ohio, visiting my in laws and am finally able to see the spectacle they have been talking about for so long: the pumpkin show! I have been hearing about how amazing it is for so long that my expectations were very high, and let me tell you that it is awesome. Yesterday I tried everything pumpkin flavored; waffles, pizza (! my fav thing actually), doughnut, logroll, cream puff, buckeye... And some other things like fried swiss cheese and Stromboli. I don't think I have to tell u how stuffed I was when I went to bed last night!
Today will be a day of recovering from all the starch.. :) I told myself I'd have one day when I would try everything since I'm not supposed to eat anything with flour, ops, and I reeeeaaaally did enjoy it! Fried food is..dangerous and delicious ;)