Tuna soup and food photography

Two of the things I am very passionate about is food and photography, so why not combine the two? I absolutely LOVE baking and cooking and everything and anything that has to do with health. Stirring my pots and sifter my flours is therapeutic to me. I love making food for people (especially my husband ;) ) and see them enjoy what I just made. That gives me lots of joy! With that being said, you can expect more of where this came from in future blog posts. Hope you like it! If you want the recipes that goes with the photos, leave a comment below and I will include them in my posts.

I present to you.... my lunch! Tuna and cauliflower "rice" soup! Very yummy!

homemade soup, leave a comment below if you want me to post the recipe

homemade soup, leave a comment below if you want me to post the recipe

Its here!

Just received the hard copy of Sisterhood Magazine in the mail yesterday. I love seeing my work in print! Its a great feeling. I shot the cover of Anthem Lights a while back and was so happy to hear that the magazine wanted to use it as their march/april cover. I think it turned out great, what do you think?

On another note, spring is aaaaalmost here. Well, we actually had snow on the ground when I woke up this morning (wow..) so that happy spring feeling hasn't quite set in with me just yet. BUT, I wanted to tell you that I am really excited for this spring and PORTRAIT season. So if you or your friends or family are looking to get some awesome spring portraits (headshots, family, babies or senior) done, please send me an email! My usual rate for portrait sessions start at $200 but I will give a GREAT SPRING DISCOUNT right now of 15% off! Can't wait to see you soon! :)


Front cover of Sisterhood Magazine

I got really excited when I saw this magazine with my photo of Anthem Lights on the front cover! The magazine is out NOW (march/april 2013 issue) and I think you can buy it at Walmart. Its always a great feeling to see your work published, its a special feeling different from the one getting posted somewhere online. :) If you are a teenager or have teens at home, you should check out this magazine!

chocolate covered faces

I love this family! I met up with the Harris family last Sunday to get some good photos of their beautiful family and we had a really good time. The kiddos are so full of energy and life and it was a challenge to keep up with their goofiness and silliness :) This family loves to laugh and have a good time - and to eat ICE CREAM! Jenis ice cream shop was the perfect spot and it was so sweet to see the kids munching on the ice cream, covering their little faces with chocolate and rainbow sprikles - pure bliss. 

I love to photograph people and families in their natural element, where they are comfortable and can be themselves. I love to get a snippet of the life of someone and would love to meet YOU and your family! If you are interested in portraits or family portraits, send me an email or give me a call! I would love to meet YOU!




something fun arrived in the mail!

A couple of days ago I got something fun in the mailbox, a little package containing Greg Coffey's new cd that I shot the photos for and did the package design and logo design for! So excited to show you my very first cd design. I am really glad how it turned out, I think it looks awesome. Go check out his new cd on iTunes and buy yourself a copy! :)

we are never ever getting back together

I completely forgot to show you this last music video I did with Anthem Lights, covering Taylor Swifts song "We are never ever getting back together". 

Sorry for the terrible updates, non existing I'd say... I have been busy shooting video for CASA Nashville, go check out their website! We are working on a video project that will be released on their blog and youtube, one video a week. I am excited to be working on this project as I feel the cause is very close to my heart.

I will upload videos here on the blog explaining more about CASA and what they do and how you could help out!

God bless and happy wednesday!


Anthem Lights photoshoot

Happy to finally be able to show a photo from my session with the Anthem Lights guys! Hope you dig it!


Anthem lights in the studio

Had a blast working with these guys, as you can tell :) can't wait to show you the final photos!

as long as you love me

I had a blast shooting the Justin Bieber cover video with the Anthem Lights guys and the video has already reached 170,000 views! Today I am prepping to do a photoshoot with the guys for their upcoming promo stuff. If you wanna see more of what I am up to you can follow me on Instagram: celimosley.

Hope you like the video, share with your friends! :)



Here is the other video I did with the guys

greg coffey photos

I had the pleasure to work with new artist Greg Coffey a few weeks ago and shooting his album cover and designing his new cd. It was awesome! Greg is a crazy talented guy who reminds me of John Mayer and Beach Boys. He played pretty much everything on his album and produced it all himself. You should go to iTunes and check out his brand new debut album and BUY IT! :)

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Garden of Gods

Vacation in Colorado springs! Pikes Peak and Garden of Gods, de-stressing and filling up my energy cup.


Had a wonderful evening with a bunch of swede-nashvillians celebrating a Swedish tradition, midsummer, the longest day of the year with great food (yuuuummmm), singing, dancing around the maypole like frogs and great company!
So glad we're keeping the Swedish traditions alive over here :)

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my beautiful friend

Had a beautiful photoshoot this past weekend with my close and dear friend Brittani. She is the warmest, most caring and sweet person I know. Her smile and laughter is very contagious! She is family. <3 

I hope you have a friend in your life like her.

Here is a short bridal video I did with her for her bridal session.


Beach photoshoot with Jill

I am so excited to show you these photos of gorgeous Jill Brooks that we shot on a super hot and humid day in Nashville a few weeks ago. I have mentioned Jill several times before here on the blog and im sure you know by now how much I love working with this talented girl! We did these photos for her promotional material and future music project that she is currently writing for. She released her first album to iTunes a few weeks ago and it did really well. She covered some really great songs that you should check out. Her next project will be original songs and I am super excited to hear what she comes up with! 

I hope you enjoy the photos! Leave a comment below if you'd like :)



light and airy beach session

Another little sneak peak of my session with Jill Brooks!

Guess the celebrity pt 2

Here is a pretty obvious one.. and GO!

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